Camping Gift Ideas For Couples – Amazingly Simple Ideas

Choosing camping gifts for couples may sound simple since you know some specific things like a tent or sleeping bag, but it has a lot more to consider than you might think.

If you don’t have time to research everything and there are too many camping gift ideas for couples in different sites, in this post, you will get to know 10 of the best ideas. to choose the perfect gifts that couples love the most.

Let’s find out what the best ideas are in our list below.

Camping Gifts Ideas For Couples – 10 Perfect Ideas For You

Tent For Couples

A best tents for doubles is always the first thing to think about when it comes to camping. It is considered the most important thing when experiencing outdoor events.

It will keep people from extreme weather conditions and act as a small house to put something like bags and tools.

Camping Hammocks

Those who are nature lovers will need the hammocks to sleep comfortably instead of lying on muds or rocks. Be sure to get the one that you can easily hang, and it has to be waterproof.

Sleeping Bag

You want your partner or your friends to have peaceful moments when going camping? When it’s cold outside, couples cannot just use the hammock, and it’s time for these bags to come around and provide warmth for you.  It can also help you stay away from rain and winds.

Camping Chairs

Just want to have a relaxing trip to nature? Camping chairs will be the perfect gift. They are essential when couples eat meals, read or listen to music while enjoying the sunlight.

Solar Charger

A solar charger has panels that help absorb the sun’s power and turn it into electricity. This gift will amaze your friends or partner when there’s no power outlet outside.

Camping Gas Stove

A camping stove is an essential tool for camping. Your friends cannot just eat raw and cold meals all the time; they need to heat them for their safety. People don’t have to struggle to start the fire from sticks anymore.

Cookware Set

We need energy to keep walking and exploring nature. A cookware set is what people need when camping to prepare meals and quickly; some brands even provide this with a stove. A cookware set will be a lovely gift for your friends as they can carry easily.

Folding Table

We all need a table and chairs for our lunch or dinner. You will help your friends or partner to have some uniquely romantic moments. You can find lots of foldable tables for you to choose, and some even have more extensions.


If your friends go camping in the winter, they will need a heater as it is cold outside when the night comes. If you want to give them one, make sure to buy the outdoor heater as it does not need electric power like the regular one.

Thermos Bottles

When traveling, water is essential to feel comfortable and helps prevent people from getting exhausted. A thermos bottle will help your friends keep their drinks in their ideal conditions like ice or hot tea, chocolate, and coffee. 

Advice Before Choosing Camping Gift Ideas For Couples

Make sure to buy the ones that your friends don’t have or are no longer useful. They will love your gift!

And, if possible, you should choose these gifts for two people as couples like double hammocks, double sleeping bags, double folding chairs, your friends will know how much you love to see them as couples. 

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We hope you will get more useful information and awesome camping gift ideas for couples after reading this post and succeed in choosing the most suitable gifts.

Thank you and see you soon!

Do Tents Attract Lightning ? – Safely Ways To Camp

Camping is a great activity for those who enjoy the outdoor environment and blend in with nature. It is a preferred activity for many people to bond with their family and friends.

For camping activity, preparation is extremely important as you are separated from civilization for a time to enjoy the fresh air of nature. It would be best if you considered a few things to have a good camping time, such as food, fire source, personal items, a proper tent, and especially the weather.

Summer is usually the camping season due to its warm temperature and sunny weather. However, it is also the season of thunderstorms in some areas. That lightning and heavy rain can destroy your plan easily if you don’t prepare your shelter well.

It is recorded that 65 percent of death and injuries in campers and hikers are caused by lightning. Therefore, the more you are prepared, the higher chance you will have a good and, most importantly, safe time with mother nature.

At this time, you might wonder: “Do tents attract lightning?”

Let’s find out if your safest shelter is a dangerous source or not.

Do tents attract lightning?

The most common signs of a thunderstorm are a cloudy sky, howling wind, cold temperature, heavy rain, and lightning. It is a natural event that most campers are afraid of during camping time.

It is known that a lightning strike can cause a deadly accident up to 10 meters in scope. People can be injured even when standing 15-30 meters from the lighting ground.

Thus, it is no myth that you might have your first and last camp because of lightning. As all campers, we need to ensure that our shelter is safe enough to withstand a thunderstorm.

That’s why we will find out if tents attract lightning.

Lightning is a bright flash of electricity caused by the imbalance between storm clouds and the ground. They usually happen during thunderstorms, with the frequency of 25 million strikes in 100,000 thunderstorms every year.

Research shows that lightning can happen more in the high grounds and tend to hit tall objects during the thunderstorm. Fortunately, lightning is not attracted to any material. 

Therefore, it is unlikely that your tent is an ideal target that draws lightning. However, it doesn’t mean a normal tent can protect you from lightning seasons, especially those with metal tent poles.

Do tent poles attract lightning?

Do you ever notice when you have a mild electric shock when you accidentally touch the metal part of a plug? That happens because of the moving of electrons from electricity.

This is the simplest demonstration of how metal tent poles can be a potentially dangerous source during lightning sessions.

If lightning strikes the ground nearby, metal can provide a path for it to follow. If you happen to touch the metal objects, you can be in major accidents like current ground injuries.

Therefore, we recommend that you should avoid using metal or aluminum tent poles when camping. Other available materials for tent poles such as carbon fiber or plastic can replace metal and still provide great performances.

How to stay safe during a thunderstorm?

So, you have learned that tents do not attract lightning. However, that doesn’t mean it can protect you from a crazy lightning event. On the contrary, lying in a normal tent during a thunderstorm still gives you a higher chance of getting hit by lightning like anyone else.

So, how can you camp safely during a thunderstorm?

Avoid higher ground and tall trees

The closer the area is to the sky, the higher the chance of lightning will hit the ground. Furthermore, trees and other tall objects can provide a path for lightning to strike the ground.

It is also possible that dead branches can be broken and fall on your tent if they are hit with lightning bolts..

Avoid open space

Although this can decrease the chance of getting hit by lightning, it is not ideal to camp during a thunderstorm as strong winds and heavy rain without restraining surroundings will blow all your covers away.

Get yourself a lightning proof tent

Lightning can come randomly at any time and place. Therefore, it is safer to leave the area as soon as the thunderstorm comes.

However, if it is impossible for you to leave, preparing a best lightning proof tent can be your best chance to go through the thunderstorm safely. 

Currently, there are various types of this multifunctional tent in the market. 



Camping with your family and friends is a great outdoor event to get away from your busy job for a while. However, when camping, you need to keep an eye out for the weather. A lightning season can be a disaster for your relaxing trip if you’re not well prepared.

After this article, we hope you are satisfied with our answer to the question “do tents attract lightning?”. Understanding how to camp safely, you can start to prepare yourself with a lightning proof tent to enjoy a relaxing camping event.

How to Stretch Cowboy Boots around the Calf?

stretch cowboy boots

Boots are necessary pairs in some harsh conditions or weather. However, a snug fit is not easy because you may feel a bit tight or wide. The good news is that you can resize your boots to get the fit comfier, especially the cowboy boots. This article will help you know how to stretch cowboy boots around the calf.

How to stretch cowboy boots?

A traditional method of adjusting the cowboy boots is using a tool to stretch the length, known as the stretcher. A popular array of the boot stretcher is the calf stretcher, which is compatible with the tall boots. These are commonly tight around the calves. Some models are made to extend the instep size.

Use a stretcher

This method is not only classic but also simple to lengthen the boots. It does not require a special skill to undertake. Everything you need to do is get an ideal stretcher and change around the calf area of that boot.

A foot fitter instep and a shaft stretcher are the best boot stretchers to do with your pairs. Or you can get the FootFitter Cast Aluminum Combination to minimize the difficulty.

cowboy boot stretcher

There are 4 steps, to begin with, a foot fitter.

Step 1: Determine the part of the stretcher

A boot stretcher often has two parts for repairing. The top part focuses on the calf areas while the bottom section works well on the instep. You have to adjust the boot calf, so you should choose the top part.

Step 2: Measure your calf

Why should you measure the calf? You need to identify the right size of your calf to adjust the calf of the boot.

Step 3: Pay attention to the top handle of the stretcher

Extend the top handle of the stretcher to meet your desired stretch in the calf boot. By doing this, you will have a snug fit.

Step 4: Wait for a few hours after stretching

You need to leave the boot stretcher for a couple of hours or overnight because the material needs to be pliant.


  • Simple way to start
  • Reasonable price (the tool)


  • Need to waited for many hours before wearing
  • Be patient to do

Although you do not have to master the tool use, you still need to discover how to stretch cowboy boots around the calf with apparatus. In case you do not know how to use the tool, you ought to try another method.

Combine a conditioner and water

This method is also easy to prepare things and do the task. You need to get a water bucket (or container) and the conditioner.

Try 4 steps to stretch out your cowboy boots.

Step 1: Fill water to the bucket

Fill water to the bucket and put your boots into the water. Wet the whole boot may avoid water rings around the product although the calf area is your target point to extend.

Step 2: Wait for a few minutes

When getting wet your boots, you should soak the pairs for 10 minutes. This is because the material will be softer.

Step 3: Remove the excess water from the inside

After a few minutes to wait, you have to shake the boots to remove the excess water in the pairs. This makes sure that water will not create odors around your boots.

Step 4: Wear the boots and use the conditioner

When the boots still stay wet, you should take them on. It is uncomfortable to wear but your feet and calves will be expanded by the boot material. Rub conditioner around the boot material when water evaporates from the boots.


  • Easy to find materials and do
  • No special skills


  • Not comfortable when putting the wet boots on

Final Words

If you do not have well-fitting boots, you could do some methods to resize them – using a stretcher, wearing the wet boots; rub the boots with conditioner, taking socks, and so on. At this time, the problem “how to stretch cowboy boots around the calf” is easy to handle. Is it right?

How Do You Remove Wax from Hardwood Floors?

How do you remove wax from hardwood floors and make your floor clean again? Keep on reading this article, and we will show you how to do it most easily!

Remove wax from wooden floor

We know how annoying it is to step on the wax on your wooden floor.

While it is so simple to clean off the wax from floors that are made from other material, but for wooden floors, it is a whole different story.

So, how do you remove wax from hardwood floors simply and effectively?

In this article, we will be guiding you step-by-step on how to efficiently remove any old and new wax. Keep on reading to find out how!

How Do You Remove Wax from Hardwood Floors: The Best Cleaner

As a rule of thumb, people use different things to clean off their wooden floors, such as soap, regular floor cleaner, water, vinegar, mineral spirits, or Hydrogen Peroxide.

However, many of them do not know that different chemicals work well with different types of dirt and stains on wooden floors.

So, how do you get wax buildup off hardwood floors, and what is the best chemical to use with wax?

The answer is mineral spirits.

You can use many other things to clean off the wax, but the result will not be as positive as doing it with mineral spirits.


Because wax is typically made of vegetables, animals, or mineral fats and other chemicals do not work with fats as good as mineral spirits.

Other chemicals might clean up new and easy wax, but when dealing with old and hard wax, they turn out to be useless.

Because mineral spirits are much stronger than most other cleaners, so you may wonder how to remove wax from hardwood floors with mineral spirits.

In the section below, you will guide you carefully. Let’s see how to do it!

What Do You Need to Prepare?

It is crucial to prepare all the things we need to use beforehand to make your cleaning process go as smoothly as possible.

You will prepare the tools and products for the cleaning process and the stuff for protecting your hands. Here are what you must have:

  • Mineral spirits
  • Water
  • A bucket
  • Cloth-head mop
  • Pieces of cloths
  • A steel wool
  • Rubber gloves

Those are all you need. Now let’s get started!

Step 1: Clean off the Floors

If your floors are full of dirt such as sand, soil, pieces of food, or fluid such as coke, it will be hard for the mineral spirits to work its best for you.

The first thing you need to do is clean off your floor and make sure there is no dirt on it.

Don’t be frustrated as you will not need to spend so much time or effort on this step. Simply clean them with water, then dry them with a cloth or let them dry naturally.

Step 2: Clean Wax with Mineral Spirits and Cloths

When your floor is dried, wear your rubber gloves before working with the wax.

Depending on how big or small the wax areas are, you can choose to use different pieces of cloth or use your cloth-head mop.

If you only have a few small areas to work with, then the cloth is better because it will save you the cost of both cloth and mineral spirits.

But if you want to clean off wax coating from the whole floor, you will have to use the mop.

Now, soak the cloth or mop into the mineral spirit and apply them to the wax area. The wax will not come off immediately, so how do you clean wax off hardwood floors more effectively?

You will need to use your muscles to move the cloth back and forth until you see the yellow substance come off the area.

Step 3: Clean Wax with Mineral Spirit and Steel Wool

For vegetable or mineral oils, it can be a little bit easier, but how do you remove candle wax from hardwood floors, and how do you get melted wax off hardwood floors in general?

To do so, you will need to have steel wool in your hand. Not only for candle wax but sometimes, softer wax such as vegetable oil can be hard to clean off.  In this case, it needs the help of steel wool.

Please make sure you still wear rubber gloves when grabbing the steel wool and put them in the mineral spirits.

Then, apply it on the surface of the wax and rub the wax off your floor. Keep doing it until all the melted wax or candle wax comes off entirely.

Step 4: Check Again

Wax is not easy to clean off, so you will need to double-check it. In this step, simply repeat step 2 until the wax is completely clean off.

How to know if the wax is not on your floor anymore? If you use a cloth to remove the wax but do not see the yellow hue coming off from the wax area anymore, you will be successful.

Step 5: Clean off the Mineral Spirit with Hot Water

After making sure you clean all of the wax from your wooden floors, it’s time to clean all the mineral spirits off the floor.

To do this, use hot water and mop the floors with it. You should keep doing this step until all the mineral spirits are removed.

Useful Tips

Use sandpaper to polish the wood

Tip 1: Safety

When you are cleaning your floor, make sure you keep children away from the area. If you have pets, please hold them in another place for their safety.

Tip 2: Protective Finish Choices

Many people like to use an oil coating to protect their wooden floors, but as you can see, oil wax can be hard to clean off and you may need to clean them off more frequently.

If you wish to use it anyway, then it is still fine, but if you are looking for a better choice, then polyurethane coating will serve you better.

Polyurethane is appreciated for its durability, and you will feel much more comfortable using it.

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How do you remove wax from hardwood floors? We think now you already have your answer.

Even though wax is not easy to clean off for most people, if you follow every step with the exact product we recommended, then the whole wax removing process will be super easy.

Have a good time with your clean and polish wooden floor.